Corporate Safety Policy

Letter from the President

J.C. Anderson, Inc. is committed to conducting construction operations in the safest possible manner. We understand that we have a responsibility for providing a safe and healthy workplace. We understand that the prevention of accidents and the achievement of safe work practices are of the utmost importance to provide a safework environment. Everyone who works for J.C. Anderson, Inc. and it’s subcontractors shall comply with all voluntary standards that may be required by locations or special circumstances. We will also request the full cooperation from all subcontractors in this endeavor. J.C. Anderson, Inc. reserves the rights not to man any project that does not have a safe working environment. J.C. Anderson, Inc. is committed to enforce the effectiveness of a safe and healthy work environment. Our performance shall be indicative of the level of professionalism in the construction industry that meets or exceeds all standards. Supervisors shall direct and control others in matters of safety and health. This shall be done to the same levels that they would conduct their normal production activities. Anything less than this shall not be tolerated.

J.C. Anderson, Inc.


Michael L. Yazbec

Reporting Systems

  • Weekly Tool Box Safety Meetings on all jobsites / Daily Meetings with Superintendent
  • Quarterly Safety Meetings
  • JCA Jobsite Safety Rules posted on all jobsites – Zero Tolerance enforced
  • Monthly Safety Audit by JCA Safety Director and General Superintendent on all jobsites
  • All JCA employees have received safety training on all aspects of their scope of work
  • Documented Equipment and Tool Quarterly Safety check and GFCI Log updated

EMR Factor for the Past Three Years

  • 2018 MOD Factor: .79
  • 2017 MOD Factor: .77
  • 2016 MOD Factor: .88