Beginning his career as an architect, Michael Yazbec, president of J.C. Anderson, Inc., ultimately gravitated to construction and then to Interior Construction. The quick pace of Interior Construction (10-12 weeks), and then moving on to the next project, was enticing to him.

With more than 28 years of industry experience, Yazbec has been on all sides of the commercial real estate industry from roots in design, to project management, to construction.

Mike with his family: Wife-Lynn, Daughters-Sydney, Jessica, Abby

“I feel that the client relationships I have formed help to maintain my focus, and have been the driving force to keep me in this industry throughout the years,” Yazbec said. “The other factors that have kept me in the industry are the challenge of the work and the fast-paced environment.”

With such a lengthy career, Yazbec, least enjoyed enduring the economic downturns in the market– he’s been through two of them. Yet what he enjoys most about working in commercial real estate is the variety and pace of projects in Interior Construction, along with the ability to work with the same clients again and again.

“I also revel in having a direct, positive impact on peoples’ work environments.”

J.C. Anderson, Inc. has been in business for 135 years, which according to Yazbec, is due to the quality of the people and the quality of work.

“We take pride in our employees and the team that we have built, investing in the careers and futures of our employees. We also purposely strive to be the best contractor, not the biggest.”

Recently J. C. Anderson, Inc. completed a 90,000 square foot high-end office build-out for OMRON in Hoffman Estates.

Mike recently won the Rich Harvest Member/Guest Golf Tournament with Bo Jackson as his partner.

“It was a three-story build-out that was completed on an aggressive 10-week schedule,” he said. “We also competed and won the award for HAVAS Worldwide Chicago Office renovation.”

He added, “I really enjoy working with J.C. Anderson, Inc. because of its roots as a family owned and operated business. It functions more as a family, placing a strong value on the people and relationships. Our people matter, our families matter. We are all responsible to each other.”

After a successful 28 year career, the biggest lesson Yazbec has learned working in commercial real estate is that, “Your reputation and your integrity are really all you have in this business and in life. Stay true to yourself.”

It makes sense why family, integrity, and reputation are the three most important things to him.