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J.C. Anderson, Inc.’s Ro Dziubla has set a big goal for herself this year – to run in the upcoming Chicago Marathon in support of the charity Open Heart Magic. Ro first found out about OHM through a connection at her CrossFit gym, but before she decided to support a new cause and undertake marathon training, she had to see what OHM was all about. It only took her a couple of minutes to realize that Open Heart Magic is exactly what she believes in.

On a more personal level, Ro was diagnosed with cancer in high school and spent almost a month in Children’s Hospital recovering after surgery. Ro always thought it would have been great to have someone come around with a little magic – not a clown or someone dressed up in costume, but a real person with interesting tricks to see and learn. “The great thing about this charity, for me, is their attention to children who have special needs when they are sick.  Some of them are too young to process what’s going on with their bodies and I feel like OHM provides a method to help them get that dose of positivity in their system and hopefully speed up their recovery.  A little wonder, a little laughter…can’t beat that right?!”

As an OHM magician, you learn tricks, hand out wands and have the chance to reveal some secrets to the kids. Although Ro has yet to volunteer, she’s hoping the future will provide more time in her schedule to participate. Until then, bringing awareness and helping OHM raise money is the next best thing.

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About OHM

Open Heart Magic has pioneered an innovative way to reach children who are being treated for serious illness through the surprise, excitement and wonder of magic performed at their hospital bedside.

Our personalized interactions help children feel special, more confident and empowered during a scary and stressful time. By inviting them to be a part of the interaction, we energize kids and help them find the strength they need to heal. Because our Bedside Magic performances are one-on-one, we’re able to work with kids of all ages, regardless of physical or developmental restrictions. Our performances benefit the parents and siblings of these patients who are experiencing stress as well.

Open Heart Magic has seen incredible growth since its inception in 2004. The community of rock star volunteer magicians has grown drastically. In 2012 there were 38 magicians. And beginning in 2016, there are 120 magicians changing the hospital experience across Chicago.